My wife was admitted in the hospital for three days. She got discharged today, and so as thanks-giving, we dined out for lunch at one of our favorite resto – Chopsticks.


Welcome shots



Vegetable Fried Rice


Beef Fried Rice


Crispy Lemon Chicken


Sizzling Seafood


Iced Tea

Chopsticks has been cooking up a storm since 1998 and promises to maintain its delicious commitment to authentic and fresh Chinese cuisine. What started out as a cozy 20 employee operation in Beirut, Lebanon has expanded to the UAE and beyond. At Chopsticks authentic flavors combine in a unique, casual yet refined ambiance, welcoming families and friends. The diverse menu grills, steams and stir-fries an incredible selection that includes live seafood like lobster and crab cooked in a special Chinese style. Chopsticks stands out because of the freshness of its ingredients and food, strict quality control dedication to client satisfaction, and affordable prices. Chopsticks� partner in the UAE is Prime Hospitality. (


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