Max’s Restaurant Part 3








Max’s Restaurant Part 2





Max’s Restaurant

One of my favorite Filipino restaurant recently opened a branch here in our city, and so we decided to drop by this evening for dinner.

We were not disappointed! The taste is very much like the Philippine version!

Fiesta Meal

Max Platter


Sago Gulaman and Melon Shake

Max’s of Manila, popularly known as Max’s Restaurant, is a Philippine-based restaurant serving fried chicken and Filipino dishes.

Max’s Restaurant’s beginnings started in 1945, after World War II. Maximo Gimenez, a Stanford-educated teacher, befriended the American occupation troops stationed at Quezon City. Because of this friendship, the soldiers regularly visited Maximo’s nearby home for a drink or two. Later on, the troops insisted that they pay for their drinks. This prompted Maximo to open a cafe, where the troops could enjoy food and drinks.

The cafe initially served chicken, steak and drinks. Maximo’s niece, Ruby, who managed the kitchen, created a special recipe for chicken that became an instant favorite for the GIs. Soon, the Filipino public heard about the delicious chicken-tender, juicy and crispy-and they came too! Max’s Restaurant was born.

Over the years, Max’s Restaurant’s popularity grew and it became known as “the house that fried chicken built.” It has expanded in Metro Manila, Southern and Northern Luzon, Cebu, and to California and other places in the United States. It has also expanded to Canada. It will soon open restaurants in other countries as well.

Max’s Restaurant has established itself as a household name in the Philippines, an institution, and a proud Filipino tradition. The second and third generations of the family continue to zealously uphold the standards and traditions set by Maximo and Ruby for all Max’s Restaurants.

It opened its doors to franchising in the second quarter of 1998.

Friday Cheat Day with Pizza Hut

Square pizzas, garlic bread, chicken wings, cheese puffs, and some salad for lunch.

Wifey’s Birthday!

Wifey and I originally planned a simple party at home. But realizing that we will be having more guests as expected, we decided to hold it in a nearby Filipino restaurant – Panaderia.

Our food choices were mostly Filipino dishes because we know that our Pinoy expat guests miss them.

Pansit palabok

Pansit bihon-canton Mix

Beef Binagoongan

Beef Caldereta

Lechon Manok

Chicken Pastel

Grand Chicken Caesar Salad

From Starbucks.

Tuna Salad


Something healthy for today.

Baked Chicken

Super delicious oven-baked chicken! Wifey did a great job again!

Baby Shower

 We held a surprise baby shower party for a couple who’s expecting a baby very soon.

Beef Nilaga

Fried Chicken


Daing na bangus



Ice cream cake




This was the two birthday cakes during my unit manager’s birthday. The first one is vanilla-chocolate, and the purple one is ube-flavor with coconut strands.

This one’s for a friend’s baby shower party. It’s an ice cream chocolate cake with cookies on top.

All delicious!